1. I’m Working on a new Project!

  2. My lovely flat in Clapton. I haven’t done sketches in ages!

  4. I’m really proud to have an 11 pages comic in the next Tank Magazine issue. It’s called Techno City, it’s about how Techno Music was born in Sheffield, Detroit and Berlin! Featuring Human League, and Detroit DJ’s Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson.
    To read the full story go on Tank website!

  5. Work In Progress for the cover of Techno City.
    To read the full story go on Tank website!

  6. Berlin! Still working on this short story! It’s going to be about Music & Cities!

  7. Detroit, this is for a short story I’m currently working on.

  9. Old stuff I just found on my Disk.

  10. I just watched “Mud”! 

  12. Dallas Buyer Club!

    This Butterflies scene….